IDEO opens up a world parallel to the Internet

These network underlying protocols allow offline payment of Internet connections to be safer, faster and more convenient.

About us

IDEO is a blockchain-based IoT underlying protocol with a built-in blockchain smart contract platform and extends the Layer 2 architecture network protocol for Raiden and Lightning Networks, allowing Internet digital payments and transactions. With blockchain-based token stimuli, IDEO technology allows for the creation of flexible, decentralized mesh networks that are self-healing and have higher speed and bandwidth than standard Internet connections. IDEO allows the blockchain to break through the Internet border and enter the Internet of Things era and the Internet of Things era.

IDEO Ecosystem

High transaction throughput

The IDEO blockchain is capable of handling TPS 10,000 transactions per second while retaining all of the award-winning blockchain capabilities, creating significant possibilities for further development and seamless integration with existing infrastructure and emerging technologies.


SmartRaiden open source technology enables distributed, real-time, secure, convenient, low-cost, offline, offline cryptocurrency transfers and transactions. SmartRaiden is compatible with a variety of mainstream platforms.

IDEO Agreement

IDEO is a blockchain-based IoT underlying protocol. IDEO built-in blockchain light node, expands the network protocol function of the blockchain secondary architecture such as Raiden network, realizes the extra-net encryption micro-payment

Smart contract platform

IDEO-compatible Bitcoin UTXO model and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) PoS smart contract platform, connecting Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem through a newly designed account abstraction layer (AAL)

Global collaboration

The world's largest PoS peer-to-peer network, the number of nodes is second only to Ethereum and Bitcoin, decentralized chain governance model, to achieve non-forked blockchain upgrade

Network ecosystem characteristics

IDEO will build a P2P grid network running in parallel with the international Internet for intelligent hardware, software and protocols. This ensures that data traffic does not pass through the central server and stays on the local mesh network. This saves resources, reduces leakage, and prevents wastage of electricity. IDEO is a blockchain-based underlying protocol that supports smart devices that can connect to each other without the need for Internet or telecommunications services.

IDEO application

Free internet mobile payment

In infectious islands or other places without Internet, IDEO can achieve P2P and multi-hop connections to form a mesh network. When this happens, every smart device, mobile phone, in-vehicle device, etc. can become a node, and the payment can be completed without being connected to the Internet.

Free internet communication

For example, in countries with poor network communication facilities, they cannot communicate with each other without a network signal. Once they deviate from the range, it is difficult or impossible to get in touch with them. In extreme circumstances and circumstances, how do we send out disaster or emergency information without a signal? From a bird's eye view, billions of people in the world do not have access to network communications. But this does not mean that because the Internet does not exist, they cannot have the technology to promote communication. IDEO solves this problem. As long as the phone has the IDEO APP installed, they can be connected to a mesh network. Even if no telecommunications or Internet services are available, everyone on the network can communicate.

Network congestion

Even in places where there is a network, network congestion is still a serious problem, and sometimes it is almost impossible to overcome the challenges, especially in the case of service bottlenecks due to a large number of concurrent users. Outdoor areas, tunnels, aircraft and other physical sizes often lack network stability or service disruption, but communications still require the sending and receiving of information and data. The IDEO network can alleviate these problems, eliminate network congestion, and provide higher network quality and transmission speed.

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2019 Q2

Lightning network node development

IDEO micropayment

2019 Q3

Optimize IDEO

Provide better forward and backward compatibility to enhance TPS

2019 Q4

IDEO IoT underlying protocol

Expand Raiden and Lightning Network

2020 Q1

Smart contract

Smart Contract Development Kit

2020 Q2

Perfect Android / IOS wallet

Optimize Android/IOS wallet

2020 Q3

Optimize multi-hop mesh network performance

Develop a new mobile network P2P standard

2020 Q4

Building a IDEO ecosystem

Chain shopping mall and e-sports game application landing

IDEO official wallet